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School Hours

Attendance / Bell Schedule

The Education Act requires students to attend school regularly. Parents are requested to phone the school at 780-476-5373 or email the school at glengarry@epsb.ca if a student will be absent or late. Unless otherwise informed, the school will contact parents or the

designated emergency numbers to ensure the student is safe.

A student will be marked late if they arrive to class in the morning after 8:49 a.m. and in the afternoon after 12:25 p.m. All unexcused absences will be recorded and issues related to attendance and punctuality (being late) will be addressed by teachers and/or administrators.


Bell Schedule                              Early Thursday Schedule

8:40 - Assembly Bell                    2:24 - Dismissal

10:17-10:32 - Recess

11:36-12:24 - Lunch

2:06-2:21 - Recess

3:29- Dismissal

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