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School Philosophy

School Philosophy

At Glengarry School, we are committed to creating a friendly, safe, and welcoming school environment which fosters positive relationships. The safety and well-being of all of our school stakeholders is of the utmost importance.  We believe all students have rights, a voice, are accepted and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Our concern for students extends beyond the physical boundaries of our school building and playground.  Our focus is to develop resiliency and foster relationships based on trust and mutual respect. 

 Student Rights and Responsibilities

Please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Glengarry 2018 document. 

The Progressive Discipline Model

At times it may be necessary to take actions to address and correct student concerns.  The staff of Glengarry School will take a progressive discipline approach to assist students.  In order for change to occur, this approach requires a strong relationship between home and school.  Conversations with parents are encouraged and welcomed.

The Progressive Discipline model consists of staff:

  • Seeking to understand the concern which includes finding out the facts and the background information
  • Determining responsibility for the incident, which in most cases, both or all involved had a role in the issue

Taking appropriate action to assist the student in understanding the behavior that was inappropriate, strategies from preventing the behavior from recurring and an opportunity to make amends if necessary.  If an additional consequence is required, parents will be contacted, the incident will be recorded and students will have opportunity to stay connected to their learning.